Save The Bay Swim 2019

Team Gooseberry

Hi Folks,

Year two of Team Gooseberry training has started.  We are happy to welcome some new team members, a seasoned mermaid Kelly Kittel, first timers Malana Beese (who swam the Alcatraz swim), Ava Hellendrung, her dad Mark (not a first timer), and my daughter Amelia!  Amelia will be using STB swim as the focus of her senior project.  Yes-she is a senior!  Last year our team raised over $4,000 and this year we hope to surpass that.  Please consider donating to a specific team member or if you can't decide just support Team Gooseberry (any amount is greatly appreciated).  Some of us train regularly at Gooseberry so join us if you can!  Here's to another year of enjoying our beautiful healthy Naragansett Bay!


Team Gooseberry

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