Save The Bay Swim 2020


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This has been a unique year for the Ocean State. Never have we been so lucky to live in a place with such access to natural beauty. While people all over the world sheltered in place in cities, we live in a state that boasts the silly phrase "3% bigger at high tide". When beaches were closed we could easily walk or drive past miles of beautiful beaches. Now that it's warm, kayaking, paddleboarding, and boating offer the perfect social distancing activities. Save the Bay has worked diligently over 50 years to ensure that water, wildlife, and shorelines, are healthy and accessible.

Like many non-profit organizations, Save The Bay has had to get creative this year. Seal Tours were canceled. The Exploration Center in Newport was closed. The Swim event is one of their biggest fundraisers. Through out this all, they have continued to work to clean up the bay and offer educational opportunities. In 2019 15,931 k-12 students learned about the bay through the Save the Bay education program. When schools closed due to COVID-19, they rose to the challenge offering Breakfast by the Bay streaming 3 times a week on Facebook offering informative lessons on habitats, plants and animals in the Bay. Beach cleanups and restoration work continued. To give a scope of their efforts, in 2019 volunteers colleges 157,977 pieces of trash off the Rhode Island shores. They participated in the development of the new fishing pier off Rocky Point. Each year, we dump 17.6 billion pounds of plastic in our oceans. At this rate, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. Together, we can make a difference.

This year, Save the Bay is offering a virtual swim event. In honor of their efforts and reflection of their flexiblity, we have formed a team to participate in the other virtual offerings this year!

Together will complete the following challenges:
2 mile Paddleboard
5 mile kayak
5k run/walk
25 mile bike ride

We are asking you to help by supporting my fundraising efforts with a donation. Your tax-deductible gift means a lot to our fundraising efforts for an organization that is important to us!

You can donate online through this link, or if you prefer, you can also send your gift as a check made out to Save the Bay to the address below. Put a note with my name, along with your check.
100 Save the Bay Drive

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