Schedule of Events

45th Annual Save The Bay Swim
Saturday, July 17, 2021

The scaled back swim looks very different this year so please read this schedule of events and new guidelines.

Here are some highlights that will be critical to ensure you are able to swim:

All swimmers must park at the Conanicut Boatyard in Jamestown
• Shuttles will take you from the Conanicut Boatyard to the Naval Base
• A valid driver's license is required at check-In to board the shuttle (non-federal ID will not be accepted)
• All belongings must be transferred into a clear bag (provided at the parking area)
• Completion of a COVID Screening questionnaire is required at shuttle check-in
• Please arrive before 6:15am, or you will miss the final shuttles and will not be allowed to swim
• New or lapsed swimmers must submit qualifications prior to check-in
• Non-Vaccinated swimmers must wear a mask and social distance at all times
No spectators are allowed on the Naval Base 

Last day to drop (without being charged for $400 fundraising minimum): Tuesday, July 13
** No registration or donation refunds will be issued. 
Credit Cards Charged with any remaining fundraising ($400 minimum): Tuesday, July 20
Fundraising Extensions: Contact Leanne Danielsen at

Schedule of Events


All participants will park at the Conanicut Marine Boat Yard, 260 Conanicus Avenue, Jamestown, RI -- Please follow instructions of volunteers with flags. Turn left right before the Jamestown Police Station. NO PARKING AT THE POLICE STATION.

All shuttles will leave from the Conanicut Marine Boat Yard to The Naval Station Newport.

TIME: 5:00 AM to 6:15AM (Last shuttle is 6:15 am – no exceptions).
IMPORTANT: Please arrive early for the check in process as there are several steps. The last shuttle will leave at 6:15 am. Shuttles have limited seating. If you arrive at the last minute, there is no guarantee you will get a seat on the last shuttle. Anyone who misses the last shuttle will NOT be allowed on Base. No spectators will be allowed on the Naval Base due to COVID restrictions and precautions.


• Limited number of swimmers on each shuttle.
• Swimmers who are not vaccinated must wear a mask.
• Sanitize between each trip
• Windows will remain open for ventilation

1. Arrive at the Conanicut Marine Boat Yard, located behind the Jamestown Police, 260 Conanicus Avenue, Jamestown, RI.2.
2. You will be handed a clear bag for your belongings.
3. Place all belongings that go to the Naval Base in the bags (no backpacks will be allowed).
4. Put your belongings in the clear bag (provided at the parking area)
5. Present your VALID DRIVERS LICENSE to staff for check in (NON FEDERAL ID WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).
6. Staff will check your name on the Master List of ALL SWIMMERS.
7. Fill out the mandatory COVID Screening.
8. Get your wrist band for entry to the Naval Base.
9. Board the shuttle for Newport.

1. NO spectators allowed on Base.
2. NO kayaks allowed on Base.
3. All Swimmers must have VALID DRIVERS LICENSE.
4. NO drop offs at the gate.

1. Exit the shuttle (Officer’s Club lot) and walk to Dewey Field.
2. Go to the CHECK IN table and give your name to the staff.
3. Complete any unfinished paperwork (waiver, Jim Mullen etc.).
4. Take your number to the swimmer numbering area for numbering and cap.
5. Drop any bags at the SWIMMER BELONGINGS sign near the van.
6. Bags will be delivered to Potter Cove in Jamestown.

Please listen carefully to this safety briefing. It will cover basic instructions and precautions you need to know.

All swimmers will start in one wave and travel to the finish together. There will be no additional kayaker waves. The wave will be accompanied by our Safety Squad who will be in safety orange shirts. Additional safety, rescue, police and volunteer boats will also accompany swimmers. SWIMMERS have two hours to complete the swim.

1. Anyone using fins or any other items must start at the back of the pack
2. When entering the start area, please use caution as the area is rocky and uneven.
3. If for any reason, you do not get in the water or decide to get out before finishing, you MUST notify a Save The Bay staff member.
4. Swimmers who have not checked in on the morning of the Swim WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to enter the water. Unregistered swimmers will be removed from the water immediately and may be prosecuted.

The Swim course runs roughly parallel to the Newport Bridge. The finish in Jamestown is around Taylor Point in Potter Cove. Once you have started, swim toward Taylor Point. Taylor Point in Jamestown is marked with orange netting, reflective sheets. There will also be a yellow buoy near Taylor Point and kayaks or SUP boarders to direct you. As you approach the Jamestown side, you will pass to the right (or north) of Taylor Point. You will not see the finish until you have passed Taylor Point. You will see the finish area and a large arch with a red Save The Bay.

Due to restrictions this year, there will be no Celebration on the Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority lawn. We ask that swimmers exit the beach and return to your car at the Conanicut Boat Yard parking lot once out of the water.


  • No spectators will be allowed on the shuttles to Newport. Only swimmers will be allowed on the Naval Base.
  • Spectators who have driven their swimmers will be required to wait in Jamestown at the finish area.
  • Due to restrictions and parking, we ask that you limit inviting spectators from coming to Jamestown for the finish.
  • Spectators must stay on the outside of the mesh fence at the finish line funnel.

When you complete your Swim and are coming into the funnel, you will be handed a popsicle stick. Please hold onto the stick and HAND IT to one of our PINK LADIES who will verify your swimmer number. PLEASE show them the number on your arm/cap. This is how your time over the line is determined.  Swimmers will exit the water and receive a finisher medal, towel and goodie bag. Visit 

Results will be posted on the Save The Bay Swim website. Please check to see your results.