Shuttles & Parking: 5:00 AM to 6:15 AM

All participants will park at the Conanicut Marine Boat Yard, 260 Conanicus Avenue, Jamestown, RI -- Please follow instructions of volunteers with flags. Turn left right before the Jamestown Police Station. NO PARKING AT THE POLICE STATION.

The scaled back swim looks very different this year so please click here to read the schedule of events and new guidelines.

Here are some highlights that will be critical to ensure you are able to swim:

• All swimmers must park at the Conanicut Boatyard in Jamestown
• Shuttles will take you from the Conanicut Boatyard to the Naval Base
• A valid driver's license or federal ID is required at check-In to board the shuttle (non-federal ID will not be accepted)
• Completion of a COVID Screening questionnaire is required at shuttle check-in
• Please arrive before 6:15am, or you will miss the final shuttles and will not be allowed to swim
• New or lapsed swimmers must submit qualifications prior to check-in
• Non-Vaccinated swimmers must wear a mask and social distance at all times
• No spectators are allowed on the Naval Base


All shuttles will leave from the Conanicut Marine Boat Yard to The Naval Station Newport.

TIME: 5:00 AM to 6:15 AM (Last shuttle is 6:15 am – no exceptions).

IMPORTANT: Please arrive early for the check in process. The last shuttle will leave at 6:15 am. Shuttles have limited seating. If you arrive at the last minute, there is no guarantee you will get a seat on the last shuttle. Anyone who misses the last shuttle will NOT be allowed on Base. No spectators will be allowed on the Naval Base due to COVID restrictions and precautions.

• Limited number of swimmers on each shuttle.
• Swimmers must maintain six feet of distance and wear their mask at all times while on shuttle.
• Sanitize between each trip
• Windows will remain open for ventilation

1. Park at the Conanicut Marine Boat Yard, located behind the Jamestown Police, 260 Conanicus Avenue, Jamestown, RI.2.
2. Bring belongings and ID to the check in area by the shuttles.
3. Present your VALID DRIVERS LICENSE to staff for check in (NON FEDERAL ID WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).
4. Staff will check your name on the Master List of ALL SWIMMERS.
5. Fill out the mandatory COVID Screening.
6. Wait for staff to stamp your hand to clear entry to the Naval Base.
7. Write your name on the clear bag provided by Save The Bay.
8. Place all belongings that go to the Naval Base in the bags (no backpacks will be allowed).
9. Board the shuttle for Newport.
10. Shuttles will stop at the Navy ID Office to allow Navy personnel to board the shuttle for entry onto the Naval Base. PLEASE HAVE YOUR ID AVAILABLE.